Agricultural Production of Marijuana, CBD & Hemp in the USA

Hemp and marijuana are different varieties of Cannabis sativa that are being cultivated for a different set of reasons. The former, commonly known as industrial hemp, is cultivated for its industrial uses while the latter is cultivated for its medicinal uses.

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll refer to industrial Cannabis sativa variety as “hemp” and medicinal Cannabis sativa variety as marijuana.

CBD production is also affected since the law is very strict with regards to the type of CBD produced. While CBD for non-medical purposes is allowed some leniency by law, CBD for medical purposes is still under tight monitoring by the FDA and DEA.

Restricted Cultivation

The sad truth, however, is that hemp cultivation is restricted to only a number of US states while marijuana cultivation has been identified as completely illegal, unless a special license has been granted by the state.

Licenses for cultivation in the US is highly valued since not all applicants are granted the much sought after license. For instance, Pennsylvania only granted 13 licenses, Florida granted 7 licenses, and Ohio granted 12 licenses for hemp and marijuana cultivation regardless of the population in each state.

Changing Times Ahead

The good news is that the restrictions to cultivation and production is about to change sooner rather than later. The different US states have already begun the process to allow more leniency for production of both hemp and marijuana.

What used to be a large production dominated market, agricultural and economy experts predict that small or medium-scale cultivators and producers would soon have their niche in the hemp and marijuana cultivation market and economy.

Experts agree that there might even come a time that the US will produce enough hemp and marijuana to allow commercial exportation to other countries.

Potential Issues

It is well and good that the US agricultural industry have begun opening its doors for more commercially produced hemp and marijuana. This, however, would also pave the way for lower priced products that can severely affect the producer.

Overall, there is much to learn about hemp and marijuana production…and persons or businesses who are interested in investing might want to exercise caution.

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